Where Does the Water Go?

Foundation contractors & land grading near Beavercreek, OH

Are your walls cracking, bulging, buckling or leaking? The problem could be caused by poor drainage around the foundation of your home. If you’re having foundation problems, Kyle’s Excavating & Water Management Solutions offers land grading services to redirect water away from your home. If your downspouts and property aren’t properly arranged for drainage, water can build up around your foundation, causing more problems and headaches. Call 937-718-3647 today to schedule land grading in the Beavercreek, OH area.

Avoid costly foundation problems

Avoid costly foundation problems

While you might not think water has much of an impact against concrete, the problems that occur are wide-ranging. Water will:

  • Seep into concrete, causing it to crack
  • Cause the foundation to swell
  • Cause the home to sink
Because it happens underground, a problem with water pooling around your foundation isn’t always easy to spot. The foundation contractors of Kyle’s Excavating & Water Management Solutions offer repairs to fix any damage that was done. Contact us today to get the water away from your house.